Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 21.

  Заполните предложения правилиной формой слов be или do
Complete the sentences with the correct from of be or do.

(1) What is
your name?
(2) Where does
Martine live?
(3) How old is
(4) Do
you like tennis?
(5) Where are
you from?
 Заполните текст, используя слова, указанные в таблице
Complete the text using the words in the box.
found wear buy enjoyed spend pay went tried send logged

This morning I went
clothes shopping in the centre of town because I've got
a new job in an office and I needed to buy
a new suit. I really didn't want to
a lot of money, so I went to a cheap shop. I didn't wear formal clothes in my last job so it wasn't easy for me to decide. I tried on three suits but I didn't like any of them. I came home and logged on to the Internet. I quickly found a company called Cheap Suits that makes clothes for you very cheaply. You tell them your size, pay by credit card and then they send you the clothes. It was great. I enjoyed it much more than shopping!

  Заполните предложение одним словом.

Complete the sentences with one word.

I live in London, but my favourite (1) city
is Paris.
Football is the number one (2) sport
in my country.
I have a red (3) car
. It's a Ferrari.
This restaurant has very good (4) food
Gina's favourite (5) writer / author / novelist
is Dickens. She has all of his books.
'What (6) month
has 28 days?' 'February.'
'What (7) day
is it today?' 'It's Tuesday.'

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