Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 22.

Прочтите электронное письмо и заполните форму с личными данными, приведенную ниже.
Read the e-mail and complete the Personal Details form below.

Hello. I would like to join your sports club but your online registration doesn't work. So, I'm writing this e-mail to let you have my personal details. I am a man, I'm 23 years old and I'm single. I'm interested in swimming and yoga. I live just round the corner at 29 Fairview Way. I'm at work all day, I'm a maths teacher, but you can contact me after 4 o'clock on my mobile. My number is 079 482 8994.

Thanks very much. Hope to hear from you soon.

Robin Childs.

PS the website is very good!

Name Robin Childs

Address 29 Fairview Way

Phone 079 482 8994

Age 23

Occupation (род занятий) maths teacher

Marital status (семейное положение) single

Interests swimming and yoga

  Дополните вопросы и ответы соответствующим словом
Complete the questions and answers with an appropriate word.

(1) 'Hi. What's your
name?' 'Hi. I'm Tony Marchant.'
(2) 'What do you
do?' 'I'm a doctor.'
(3) 'Where do Frank and Linda live?' ' They
live in Kensington.'
(4) 'Have you got
a pet?' 'No, I haven't.'
(5) 'Does your sister speak French?' 'Yes, she
(6) 'Are you and James married?' 'Yes, we
  Завершите второе предложение указанием национальности.
Complete the second sentence with a nationality.

(1) Henry comes from Argentina. He's Argentinian/Argentine
(2) Patrick lives in France. He's French
(3) We're from Italy. We're Italian
(4) I'm from Spain. I'm Spanish
(5) They're from Japan. They're Japanese
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