Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 23.

  Заполните каждый пробел одним словом из таблицы
Complete each blank with one word from the box.
makes have lives an works teaches a

My cousin Jack lives
with his family in Japan. He is married to Keiko, a Japanese woman. They have got two children, Tommy and Pete. Jack works for a film company. He makes documentary films about Japan. Keiko teaches English in Tokyo. They have an interesting life.

  Замените слова в скобках местоимением
Replace the words in parentheses with a pronoun
Например: (Peter and I)
don't like camping.
(1) Do you know them
(Linda and Sheila)?
(2) Jack's boss doesn't like him
(3) Lee hates swimming but I don't mind it
(4) (Jane and Kevin) They
hate shopping.
(5) Do you know where (Madonna) she
  Заполните краткие ответы
Complete the short answers.
(1) 'Do you speak German?' 'Yes, I do
(2) 'Is Gina Portuguese?' 'No, she isn't
(3) 'Are we in room 7 today?' 'Yes, we are
(4) 'Have they got a sister?' 'No, they haven't
(5) 'Does your father speak French?' 'Yes, he does
(6) 'Has she got a passport?' 'No, she hasn't
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