Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 39.

Завершите второе предложение так, чтобы оно означало то же самое, что и первое предложение. Используйте только два слова.
Подсказка: Как правило too сочетается с наречиями и прилагательными, и в предложении занимает место именно перед ними.
He knows too much about you — Он знает слишком много о вас.

При использовании с существительными enough предшествует им, тогда как в случае употребления с наречиями и прилагательными, наоборот, следует за ними.
Is your coat warm enough? – Ваше пальто достаточно теплое? (после прилагательного)
There is enough salt in the salad – В салате достаточно соли ( перед существительным)

Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence. Use two words only.
Jane isn't old enough to see this film.
Jane is
to see this film.

I'm too fat to wear these trousers.
I'm not thin / slim enough
to wear them.

Angus is too short to join the army.
He isn't tall enough
to join the army.

Carol is too poor to buy these shoes.
She hasn't got enough money
to buy them.

Fred hasn't got enough free time.
He's got too much

My car is too small to take everyone.
It's not big enough
to take everyone

I'm not as old as my sister.
My sister is older than
Прочтите текст и сопоставьте слова в таблице с описаниями людей.
Read the text and match the words in the box to the descriptions of the people.
loyal unsociable impulsive dominant selfish shy confident


(1) impulsive
Mark's a friend who is full of ideas and energy. The other day, he just woke up and decided it would be fun to go to France for the day. So he phoned me and asked me to go with him. He didn't want to go on his own, of course. He does things like that all the time.

(2) selfish

I know this guy called Jeremy. He's not really a friend, more of a friend of a friend. He's funny and quite good-looking and he's quite popular but I don't like him because of the way he behaves. The thing is he never thinks about anyone else. Only himself.

(3) shy

Teresa really likes going to parties, dancing and having fun. With her friends, she's always laughing and joking. The only problem is that she feels very uncomfortable with people she doesn't really know. She just stops talking and doesn't even know where to look. It's a bit embarrassing, really.

(4) loyal

Every time I'm in trouble, and that's quite often, I know who to call: Diana. She's always there when I need her, day or night. In fact, I don't know what I would do without her. I know I'm lucky to have someone like her as a friend.

(5) confident

Gavin always seems to know what to say and, more importantly, how to say it. Put him in a party and he'll soon have a group of people standing around him, laughing and enjoying themselves. He's charming and he knows it.

(6) dominant

Bruce likes things to be a certain way - his way. He always wants to tell people what to do. He listens carefully to other people's opinions but he then likes to take the decisions himself. He's kind and helpful, but he always has to be the leader.

(7) unsociable

Oswald is a very old friend. I don't know why I go to see him, actually. He sometimes just sits there and doesn't say a word. He stares at the television. It's no good suggesting we go and meet other people. He's not interested.

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