Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 40.

Заполните каждый вопрос и ответ, используя глагол в скобках, поставив глаголы в прошедшее время или в причастие прошедшего времени.
Complete each question and answer using the verb in brackets.
Have you ever
(do) your homework at school?
Yes, I have. I
(do) some exercises in the cafeteria yesterday.

'Have you ever seen (see) the Queen?'
'Yes, I have. I saw
(see) her in 2003.'

'Have you ever eaten
(eat) roast beef?'
'Yes, I have. I ate
(eat) some last week.'

'Have you ever sent
(send) your parents an e-mail?'
'Yes, I have. I sent
(send) them one yesterday.'

'Have you ever met
(meet) a famous person?'
'Yes, I have. I met
(meet) Mick Jagger many years ago.'

'Have you ever spoken
(speak) to a British policeman?'
'Yes, I have. I spoke
(speak) to one last week.'

'Have you ever won
(win) the lottery?'
'Yes, I have. I won
(win) £10 in 1999!'

Прочтите текст и сопоставьте слова в таблице с описаниями людей.
Read the text and match the words in the box to the descriptions of the people.
Which person has recently used the Internet to:
(1) try to make money? Teresa
(2) keep in touch with friends? Eileen

(3) buy something? Quentin

(4) find good staff? Terence

(5) get information about a company? William

(6) book a holiday? Rosanna


Quentin: I am doing a school project about sharks. I have found out lots of interesting facts about them. Did you know that they can smell a small drop of blood in water at a distance of 100 metres? The last time I logged on I ordered a book called Sharks in the Caribbean.

William: I am looking for a job and I've got an interview next week. So this morning I did some preparation. I searched some websites to find out about the company: what they do and what kind of place they are. It's good to be prepared.

Eileen: I often go away on business and in the evenings to relax I use an instant message service to contact people I know. It's great fun. You type your message and wait for the other person to reply. It's probably not suitable for work because it's not very private.

Rosanna: Before going away in summer, I like to use search engines to find out about destinations. I check the weather, transportation, hotels, places to visit and so on. I always organise everything myself because it is much more satisfying.

Teresa: I log on to the Internet almost every day of the year. I spend a lot of time looking at the stock markets, checking the value of my investments. I can buy or sell at the click of a mouse. This year has been a good year for me so far. I have done well - not fantastic but it all helps to pay the bills.

Terence: We've found that the Internet is the perfect place to showcase our talents. Customers come to us because we can do more than advertise, we 'informise'. Not just customers either. Some of our best employees have applied to us after visiting our website.

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