Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 50.

Прочтите приведенный ниже отрывок. Выберите из таблицы слово или фразу, которые наилучшим образом соответствуют каждому пробелу. Используйте каждое слово только один раз.
Read the passage below. Choose the word or phrase from the box that best fits each space. Use each word only once.
boring clean exciting high-rise buildings new sea polluted square humid

The resort is quite new . It was only built in 2010.
Thankfully, all the hotels have to have less than five floors so there aren't any high-rise buildings
to spoil the scenery.
The beaches
are fantastic, with wonderful views of the sea , and they are usually very clean .
The nightlife is really exciting
as well, with lots of restaurants and discos around the square in the centre of town.
You can't drive in the town centre either, so the air isn't as polluted
as it is in some other places on the island.

There are a few things to remember if you do visit this resort.
Firstly, if you go there in the
middle of summer, the weather is very humid .
Secondly, it's three hours from the airport, and the bus ride is very boring
Finally, don't go shopping at the weekend,
when the shops are very busy.

В каждом предложении с 1 по 9 допущена ошибка. Перепишите каждое предложение правильно в отведенном месте.
Sentences 1 to 9 each have a mistake. Rewrite each sentence correctly in the space provided.
В предложениях 1 - 9 есть ошибка. Перепишите правильно каждое предложение в отведенном месте.

A: (1) I want to have a good time in your town. Can you give me a few advices?

……..Can you give me some advice?

B: (2) Yes. First, don't try to drive in the town because the traffics are very bad.

……the traffic is very bad.

(3) Also, there isn't enough taxis, so it's better to travel by bus.

Also, there aren't enough taxis…….

A: What can I do in the evenings?

B: If you want exciting nightlife, there's lots of good music in the bars and cafes.

A: (4) And what are the weather like? Should I take an umbrella?

And what is the weather like? ……

B: (5) No. There aren't many rains in the summer, so you won't need it.

No. There isn't (much / a lot of) rain in the summer……

A: And what about the food?

B: (6) There are lot of places that serve excellent local food. You'll love them.

There are lots / a lot of places that serve…….

(7) There are also a little international restaurants too.

There are also a few international restaurants ……

A: (8) And money. How many should I take with me?

….. How much should I take with me?

B: Well prices here are cheap, so you won't need a lot.

A: And finally, what about the language?

B: (9) Most people speak English here, so you won't have much problems.

….so you won't have many problems.

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