Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 51.

Прочтите следующие описания (a-c) о трех испанских островах в Средиземном море. Для вопросов с 1 по 6 выберите наилучший ответ (a, b или c).
Read the following descriptions (a-c) about three Spanish islands in the Mediterranean. For questions 1 to 6 choose the best answer (a, b or c).

MAJORCA: Majorca is the number one island, not just in terms of size but in terms of variety and interest too. It's a good choice if you enjoy active holidays, with sightseeing, family entertainment, swimming, sailing, walking and nightlife. It has some beautiful mountain scenery and an interesting historical capital city. Some resorts, especially in the south, display the worst traits of big holiday developments, with high-rise concrete hotels and loud discos, but there are also a surprisingly large number of small, pretty areas.

IBIZA: Nightlife is Ibiza's speciality. There's simple noisy fun in the larger resorts, and fashion and sophistication in the town of Ibiza, the capital of the island. Apart from the capital, the island is disappointing for sightseeing, and you have to travel a long way if you want to find a beach that isn't too crowded in the middle of the summer. There are some pleasant smaller resorts with villas and apartments for families, but generally it is an island for the young and fashionable.

MENORCA: There are no big resorts and very few large hotels on Menorca. Most holiday accommodation consists of modern apartment and villa developments, and many visitors are older people looking for a quiet relaxing holiday. Many developments are on rocky coasts, but in other places there are small resorts with sandy beaches that are perfect for young children. Inland, the scenery is natural but not very exciting, and the capital is not particularly interesting. Nightlife is very limited.

(1) Which island is the quietest? c
(2) Which island is the best for sports? a

(3) Which island is the best for a family with young children? c

(4) Which island is the most exciting for younger people? b

(5) Which island has some not very good resorts? a

(6) On which island is it difficult to find a quiet beach? b

Прочитайте отрывок ниже. Выберите фразу из таблицы, которая лучше всего подходит для каждого места. Используйте каждую фразу только один раз.
Read the passage below. Choose the phrase from the box that best fits each space. Use each phrase only once.
went out asked out fall in love split up chat up moved in rang up

I didn't like him at first because as soon as I joined the company he started to chat me up .
But after about a month there was an office party. We started talking and the next day he rang
me up at home and asked me out .
I was pretty nervous at first but we went out to eat and had a really good time.

We went out together for about six months but we didn't fall in love .
Then a new secretary arrived at the office and, guess what: he started seeing her and we split up
He got a new apartment and I heard they moved in
together last week.

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