Упражнения уровня KET по английскому языку. № 57.

Прочитайте объявления о приеме на работу (a-c) ниже. Для вопросов с 1 по 5 выберите наилучший ответ (a, b или c).
Read the job advertisements (a-c) below. For questions 1 to 5, choose the best answer (a, b or c).

(a) Sales Assistants
Sales assistants to work in our busy delicatessen. Ideally suited to students who are looking for full-time work or two or three shifts per week. Applicants should be lively, intelligent and friendly and enjoy dealing with people. You should have some experience of retail and an interest in food and drink. You should also be prepared to work a variety of shifts including days, weekends and evenings.

(b) Sports Facilities Assistant
To maintain our open-air sports facilities. Your main duties will be the preparing and cleaning of facilities (football and rugby fields, swimming pools) and equipment, in order to provide a safe, clean environment for our customers and teaching staff. No experience required but an interest in sports would be useful. Hours will be two to three hours a day, Monday to Friday. The hourly rate is £5.20.

(c) Summer Camp
General Assistants required. Your duties will be to welcome and take care of guests, as well as to provide catering, cleaning and some administrative duties. Hours will be 5 days a week, with occasional weekends. Salary is £950 per month. Benefits include free accommodation and food, your own uniform and comprehensive training.

(1) Which job is only part-time? b
(2) Which job requires experience? a

(3) Which job provides clothing? c

(4) Which job doesn't involve cleaning duties? a

(5) In which job will you mainly work outside? b

Прочтите приведенный ниже отрывок. Выберите из таблицы слово или фразу, которые наилучшим образом соответствуют каждому пробелу. Используйте каждое слово только один раз.
Read the passage below. Choose the word or phrase from the box that best fits each space. Use each word only once.
wasted earned made gives away spent

The record company made a huge profit from his record sales.

He only earned a few thousand pounds during the first year.

He spent most of the money on a new guitar.

When he got rich, he wasted it all on stupid things.

Now he's more sensible and gives away millions of dollars to charity every year.

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