Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №12. Тема: Давние школьные друзья.

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I got to the pub late because I couldn't find it, but when I walked in I saw a whole group of young people at a table and I thought that must be them, though I didn't really recognize anybody. So I went up and they all said hello. They all recognized me, which was great though it felt a bit I strange. I must admit I was feeling quite nervous.
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Anyway, I sat down and we started talking. They told me lots of things that I used to do when I was at school, like play in the school football team - they said I used to be really good - and they told me about all sorts of other things: places we used to go to, things like that. Some of my friends had even brought photos and we looked at them.
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I'd completely forgotten that I used to wear these really awful big glasses - and I sort of relaxed and I felt that I was getting to know them again, and getting to know more about myself and my past, anyway, since we met that evening, we've all been emailing each other and I've started going out with Anna - one of the girls who was at the pub that night.
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She says she used to really like me at school, but that I didn't use to take any notice of her then! I can't remember any of that, but I know I like her a lot now!
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