Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №32. Тема: 1. Транзакционная модель речи. 2. Перепись населения.

Many theories and models about speech and communication exist. Today, I will introduce you to one model, the transactional model. Remember, this is only one model of many. Let's begin with a few of the transactional model's characteristics. First, as people, we try to create messages using all the stimuli (or information) from our present and past.
1. Показать/скрыть перевод
That is, we learn information as both children - the past - and as adults - the present. The amount of information we take in is controlled by something we call "filters." These filters mean we take in only some information, or keep what is important to know. So, any messages we create are a result of all this information that we receive and filter, from the time we are children to adults.
2. Показать/скрыть перевод
Today, it is common for countries to take a census. What is a census? A census is a count of the population of a country. Officials are interested to know how many people live in the country. They want to count all the men, women, and children. In addition to the number of people, officials like to know where the residents come from.
3. Показать/скрыть перевод
Were the residents born in that country or were the people born in a different country? Another important aspect of the census is determining what languages people speak at home. For instance, do people speak Spanish at home? Do they speak some other language? In sum, counting the number of people, where they are from, and what language they speak are important aspects of the census.
4. Показать/скрыть перевод
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