Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №44. Тема: Выращивание и использование кукурузы и сои.

OK, everyone. Raise your hands if you like corn. Hmmm! Most of you. Good! Corn is a popular food and important crop around the world. It is especially popular here in the United States. In summer, a lot of people enjoy eating corn at picnics. For example, on the Fourth of July here in America, people often have a barbecue and eat corn, as I'm sure a lot of you do.
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However, corn can also be used as feed. By this, I mean it's used as food for animals, too. Cows, for example, are usually fed corn for four months before they are slaughtered. So can anyone tell me why it is used to feed the cattle? The answer is because it makes the beef taste better. The corn makes the cow's beef high in fat. And it's the fat that makes the beef taste good.
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Continuing in our series of lectures on important crops, we are now going to talk briefly about the soybean. There are many uses for soybeans. Can anyone give me an example?
W: Aren't they used for making cooking oil?
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Very good! In addition to cooking oils, soybeans are also popular as foods for people and animals. We produce a lot of soybeans here in the United States, but not as much as other countries. There is a lot of competition. The United States cannot produce soybeans as cheaply as some other countries.
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Brazil is expected to be the largest exporter of soybeans in the near future. This is because Brazil is increasing the amount of soybean fields in the country. Hopefully, this will reduce the cost of soybeans in the US in the future.
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