Монологи на английском языке с текстом и переводом. №46. Тема: 1. Заболевания роз. 2. Руины.

Today, I want to talk briefly about roses and some diseases that affect them. There are two diseases common to wild roses. These are rose rust, and rose black spot. The first, rose rust, causes leaf loss. What happens is this. In early spring, orange spots can appear on both sides of the leaves. This is then followed by pinhead-sized yellow spots on the underside of the leaves. Eventually, blackish brown spots will appear and the leaves may fall off.
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If this happens, you should burn the leaves to prevent the disease from spreading. A second common disease for wild roses is called black spot. With black spot, the upper side of a leaf will have, as the disease's name suggests, black spots. Other parts of the leaf will turn yellow. Eventually, the whole leaf turns yellow and falls off. The good news is that people can buy special products to treat both of these problems.
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Ruins can be found in every country of the world. Sometimes, if you are walking in the country, you may see the remains of a piece of man-made architecture. Well, that's what ruins are, those remains. In the beginning, we have a whole or complete structure. However, as a result of the weather or lack of maintenance, the structure becomes weak over time. Then, parts of the structure might fall down, or plants may grow over it.
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You have all seen that kind of thing - an old building covered in grass or plants. There are two types of ruins. They are historical ruins and modern ruins. Historical ruins can be found in places such as Athens or Rome. Probably you've all seen pictures of some of those. A modern ruin could be a building in a city. Maybe just some old building that you've seen which wasn't repaired.
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