Тест 25. Тесты по английскому языку начального (Beginner) уровня с ответами.


1 Write the correct word(s) in each sentence.
Example: Jenny likes watching / watch
DVDs in the evening.

1 Anna doesn't like fly / flying very much.
2 It's going to sunny / be sunny
3 Sally goes to /is going to
visit her grandparents next weekend.
4 They going / are going
to come later.
5 We are going not / aren't going to see the film tonight.
6 It's going to rain / raining
7 Joe loves runing / running
8 Where you going / are you going
to stay?
9 Paul's going coming / to come
to the party.



2 Complete the questions or answers with the correct auxiliary verb.
Заполните вопросы или ответы правильным вспомогательным глаголом.
Example: Do you like swimming?

Yes, I .

1 When are they going to come?
Later this afternoon.

2 Is Claire going to watch TV this evening?
I think so.

3 Does Philip like chatting online?
I don't know!

4 Are you going to cook dinner?
Yes, I am . In a minute.

5 Does Graham like working in France?
No, he doesn't .

6 Is it going to rain?
I hope not!


3 Match the places with the activities.
cooking flying reading cycling swimming shopping walking

Example: in the kitchen

in the library reading
2 at the pool swimming
3 at the supermarket shopping
4 at the airport flying
5 in the mountains walking
6 on the road cycling


4 Today it is Tuesday the tenth of May. Match the words in the box to the times and dates below.

today tomorrow morning next week tonight tomorrow night next month next weekend

Tuesday 10th May
1 next weekend Saturday 14th May
2 tomorrow night Wednesday 11th May at 10 p.m.
3 next week Tuesday 17th May
4 tomorrow morning Wednesday 11th May at 8 a.m.
5 next month 10th June
6 tonight Tuesday 10th May at 10 p.m.


5 Complete the sentences with verbs from the box in the correct form.

take chat do meet make take play have go

Example: It's going to rain so I'm going to my umbrella.

1 Jack likes playing the piano.
2 Where are you going to go on holiday?
3 Sara often does housework at the weekend.
4 I'm going to have a shower when I get home.
5 Paul's good at cooking. He's going to make dinner for us on Friday.
6 I usually meet my friends on Saturday evening.
7 I want to take a photo of everybody before I go.
8 Jill loves chatting online with her friends.


Match the words with the same sound.
month do camping snow hot

1 home snow
2 sunny month
3 shopping hot
4 lose do
5 have camping

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