Тест 9. Тесты по английскому языку начального (Beginner) уровня с ответами.


1 Complete the dialogues with
do, does, don't, or doesn't.
Example: you like coffee?
No, I

Does Colin live in London?
No, he doesn't
2 What do you want for lunch?
Oh, a sandwich, please. We don't want pasta.
3 What does Anna have for breakfast?
She has bread and butter but she doesn't have tea or coffee.
4 Do people in your family drink a lot of tea?
Yes, they do .



2 Complete the email. Use the verbs in brackets in the present simple.
Заполните электронное письмо. Используйте глаголы в скобках в настоящем времени.

Hi Sophie.
Thanks for your email.
Do you want to know about my family?
Well, we (live) in a big house in the centre.
My mother 1 works (work) in an office near here and
my two sisters 2 have (have) jobs in the city.
I 3 don't work (not work) in the city.
My mother 4 doesn't like (not like) her job,
but I 5 like (like) my job very much.
I'm a teacher!
What 6 do you do (do)?
7 Does your husband work (work)?
Bye for now.


3 Complete the phrases with the correct verb:
Заполните фразы с правильным глаголом:
read, drink, speak, listen to, live, eat, watch

Example: in a house
1 watch TV
2 drink milk
3 eat eggs
4 listen to music
5 speak French
6 read newspapers


4 Complete the descriptions with the jobs:
Заполните описания профессиями, выбрав из списка ниже:
administrator, teacher, retired, doctor, factory worker, shop assistant, waiter, student, taxi driver

Example: Miriam works in an office in the city centre.
She writes emails and speaks on the phone.
She's an


Joanne works in a shop.
Every day, she speaks to a lot of people in her job.
She's a shop assistant
Tony works in the city. He has a car.
'Where do you want to go?' he says.
He's a taxi driver
Tara doesn't have a job.
She's at university and she studies Japanese.
She's a student
Jessica has a job in a hospital. She has a white coat.
She's a doctor
Paula works in a school.
In her job, she speaks a lot and she listens to students.
She's a teacher
Stan has a job in a restaurant and works in the evenings.
He's a waiter
Alan is 68. He doesn't work now.
He's retired
Ken works for Nissan. He makes car windows.
He's a factory worker .


5 Complete the sentences with the correct word:
lunch salad fast
Example: Do you eat a lot of food?

bacon cereal soup
1 Today's lunch is vegetable soup and bread.

sugar butter rice
2 Do you want sugar in your coffee?

prefer traditional strong
3 At the hotel I have a traditional English breakfast.

water cheese pasta
4 I like cheese sandwiches very much.

salad fish wine
5 At dinner, I drink wine or beer.

in the for
6 I have cereal and coffee for breakfast.

Match the words with the same sound.
lives orange food eats go

1 likes eats
2 does lives
3 juice orange
4 sugar go
5 you food


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